CO2 / Nitro

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Tank Size Rental Price Deposit Required
CO2 Large / 50 LB $30.00 $200.00
CO2 Small / 20 LB $22.00 $50.00
Beer Mix
Beer Mix Large / 263 CF $32.50 $200.00
Beer Mix Small / 59 CF $20.00 $100.00
Nitrogen Large / 230 CF $22.50 $200.00
Nitrogen Small / 60 CF $18.75 $100.00

*$6.00 monthly rental charge applies after 30 days.

“I switched my business to Arizona Air Boutique and have seen a significant savings over bulk CO2, we appreciate the personal attention. Thank you Arizona Air Boutique for your prompt and professional tank delivery with no downtime. As a small business owner, I absolutely recommend your business to anyone currently using bulk CO2.”
– Philip, Owner, Multiple Subway Locations

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