• How much does a helium tank weigh?
    • Helium tank weight will vary based on the size of the tank.
      • 220 CF tank weighs approximately 125 lbs
      • 122 CF tank weighs approximately 75 lbs
      • 55 CF tank weighs approximately 25 lbs
  • Is helium flammable or combustible?
    • Helium is not flammable or combustible.  However, the helium in the tank is under pressure so it is very important to secure it and transport it with the cap on.
  • How long can I keep the helium tank I rented from you?
    • The 55 CF tank is available for short term rental and must be returned the next business day.  Our larger tanks can be kept as long as you need it.  There will be a $6.00 per month rental charge after the first 30 days.
  • Can you fill the helium tank I own?
    • We rent our helium tanks.  We do not fill customer owned tanks.  If your tank looks like a propane tank, it is a disposable tank and cannot be refilled.
  • Where does helium come from?
    • Helium is a by-product of natural gas.  It is a naturally occurring element and cannot be artificially created.
  • Are there any other gases that can make my balloon float like helium?
    • Hydrogen could make a balloon float.  However, it is highly combustible and flammable and is very dangerous to use.

Balloon Decorating and Balloon Bouquets

  • I am having my event at the Phoenix Convention Center and they do not allow helium filled balloons.  Can I still use balloons to decorate for my event?
    • Yes!  We can provide air filled arches, columns and sculptures to make sure your event looks spectacular.
  • How long will my balloons last?
    • Standard party sized balloons (11” latex) can typically last up to 8 hours inside.  We have several options available to make your balloons last longer whether they are inside or outside.  Our customer service team can help you make the right choices for your event.
  • Can I create my own custom balloon bouquet?
    • Yes!  Through our partnership with www.balloonplanet.com, you can choose from one of the stock balloon bouquets or create something that is specific to your requirements.
  • Does the extreme heat in the summer effect balloons?
    • Absolutely!  The ideal temperature for balloons is about 70 degrees.  The helium in the balloons will expand in the heat causing the balloon to deflate or pop quicker.  To make your balloons last longer outside in the heat, you can under inflate them by about 30% to give the balloon room for the helium to expand.
  • Are balloons biodegradable?
    • Latex balloons are 100% biodegradable.  They are made from 100% natural latex harmlessly extracted from rubber trees.  Mylar balloons are made from mylar nylon and are not biodegradable and should not be used outdoors.
  • Can I get latex balloons imprinted with my logo?
    • Yes.  Once we have camera ready artwork, we can have your logo balloons within 7-10 business days.


  • Why do I need beverage grade CO2 for the fountain drinks at my restaurant?
    • Beverage grade CO2 is used to carbonate fountain drinks with the right amount of bubbles and make your soda taste delicious.  Industrial CO2 is used in welding, cleaning and other industrial uses.
  • How much does a CO2 tank weigh?
    • CO2 tank weight will vary based on the size of the tank.
      • 50 LB CO2 tank weighs approximately 175 lbs
      • 20 LB CO2 tank weight approximately 50 lbs
  • Can you install my system to run my soda machine?
    • We deliver the CO2 tanks but do not install or maintain the lines or systems.
  • Can I use beverage grade CO2 for my beer lines?
    • It depends on the specifications of the brewmaster or brewing company.
  • What are other uses for CO2?
    • CO2 can be used instead of acid to balance a pool’s pH as well as facilitating plant growth and commercial hydroponics.

Beer Mix/Nitrogen

  • Why do I need to use Beer Mix for my stout beers rather than just CO2?
    • Beer Mix is 75% CO2 / 25% nitrogen mix.  Beers are made to a certain specification and stout beers need a beer mix rather than straight CO2 to achieve the right carbonation and keep the beer balanced and tasting as the brewers intended it.
  • How can nitrogen gas help store wine without it going bad ?
    • With a Nitrogen wine system, which is similar to a homebrewer beer system, you can store your wine with a layer of nitrogen gas at the top to prevent oxidizing.

Advertising Flags

  • How tall are the advertising flags?
    • The flags stand approximately 15 feet tall.
  • Can I get customized advertising flags?
    • Yes. There are both custom and stock imprints available.  Contact our customer service team to get details on pricing for customized advertising flags.