DIY Balloons

Party Balloons and Helium Tanks at a Great Price

Be creative, stay in budget and become a DIY-er balloon expert!

DIY balloon packages give you the freedom to be creative, design balloon masterpieces AND stay within your party planning budget!


Platinum Package


Platinum Package Party Supplies

  • 122 CF Helium Tank and Regulator
  • 2 500 Yard Spools of Ribbon
  • 2 Gross (288) 11” Latex Balloons

($200 refundable deposit required)

Gold Package


Gold Package Party Supplies

  • 55 CF Helium Tank and Regulator
  • 1 500 Yard Spool of Ribbon
  • 1 Bag (144 pieces) 11”latex balloons

($50 refundable deposit required)